The Marvelous Protectorate

The new crew

Group comes together to battle a giant squid monster with tentacles that attack Baltimore Harbor. They are able to defeat the creature and discover that it has grabbed people and wrapped them in a fungal membrane. SHIELD shows up and cleans up the mess. The crew gets questioned by Captain America and Hawkeye about their involvement.

Flashback of the characters lives before they were superheroes. Meteor comes crashing down after bq). John Corbet interrupts a strange experiment on school property.

After the meteor lands everyone sees a strange green girl standing in the center and can hear her say “help me” in there heads. Suddenly SHIELD shows up and takes her away and starts to clean things up.

College Days
Everyone discover their new powers.

It has been two weeks since the meteor landed. SHIELD cleans everything up and seems to remove the strange alien girl. The campus is top news but quickly finds itself second rate after the next big super villain attack in New York. The school opens back up and everyone is looking forward to resuming their usual routine.

During a Olympic trial Kirby McMillon always seems to float to the finish. Anabelle Long cheers him on but he is asked to do some drug testing.

John Corbett is making the rounds and passes Dr. Roland Fisher who is arguing with a young girl who looks strangely like the alien girl in the crater only not green. John threatens to take Fisher in and he takes off in a huff. The girl says her name is Courtney and is afraid of Fisher. He also find that his skin is flaking away.

Oliver is skate boarding and takes a jump that lands 30 ft away. Arana, another college student who enjoys roller derby and protesting cheers him on and they hang out.

John sees the man who had the machine that brought down the meteor and tracks him down discovering that his name is Walter Declun who is a researching for the ESTA. The ESTA found out about the meteor/alien spaceship and worried it would attack Earth. They decided to bring it down 100 miles out over the ocean but John shooting the machine changed those plans.

Courtney ends up meeting with Oliver and Kirby who both offer to help her. John, Kirby and Oliver discover a strange fungus growing in the dorm rooms causing students to transform in fungus creatures that attack them.

They manage to fight them off but the lead fungus monster escapes.


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